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NAfME Academy Credit Offered Through UND

Here’s how it works:

  1. Before you complete steps 2-5, you can also go here to have access to free webinars that will also give you a certificate, counting toward credit through UND; follow the UND credit steps below to finish the process.

  2. Go to the NAfME website to sign up. Under For Teachers, click on NAfME Academy: Professional Development Webinars.

  3. On the next screen, click on the box that says, Subscribe Today. This will redirect you to a page where you will need to purchase a one-year subscription to the academy. The cost is very minimal at only $20. This subscription allows you access up to 80+ hours of webinars!

  4. Once you have made the subscription purchase, it will take 1-2 days before you receive an email from NAfME. In this email you’ll find all the info you need to login successfully to the Academy website. After that it’s time to explore the numerous webinars that actually apply to Music Education!

  5. If you click on My Classes, a list will show up with eight different categories of webinars. Each of these webinars varies on time, but they are all in the ballpark of 1 hour. Keep in mind that to earn 1 hour of credit from UND, you must complete 15 hours of webinars.

To earn the UND credit(s):

  1. Complete the webinars and successfully complete each quiz at the end of each webinar (usually 4 to 6 questions – you can request to retake a quiz from NAfME if you did not pass it the first time).

  2. Keep in mind that you can watch these throughout the year when you have the time, but there is a window to send them into UND (June 15 – August 1). This window is so that the bookkeeping process can stay somewhat simple.

  3. Once you have completed a webinar and passed the quiz, you will notice that it now says Download when you click on Grades. This is how you can print off (or save as PDFs) the certificates.

  4. Once you’ve completed 15, print out all the certificates (or save 15 as PDFs), then scan and email them to Melanie Popejoy at UND (Instructor of Record – Once she receives them she will send a link to you where you will register with the UND Office of Extended Learning. Next you’ll receive an email confirmation of course completion and instructions for ordering transcripts. A max of three (45 hours of webinars) may be earned per member.

Webinar categories:

  • NEW! E-learning

  • Band 

  • Beyond the Classroom 

  • Choral

  • General Music 

  • Inclusion in the Music Classroom 

  • Performing Ensembles 

  • Strings 

  • Teaching, Philosophy and Career Development

  • And many more! 

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