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Session Proposal & Performance Applications

Conference Meeting

If you are interested in presenting to our conference attendees, please click the link above and fill out the form. Applications are due by June 15th. Our Executive Director will notify you of your application status by August 31st.

Empty Orchestra Stage

We are welcoming applications to perform at our March Conference in 2025. Please click the link above and fill out the form if interested. Applications are due by June 15th. Applicants will be notified of their status by our current Past President August 31st. 

NDMEA Concert Hour Selection Guidelines

Selection of Performing Groups
The North Dakota Music Educators Association welcomes the opportunity for ensembles to perform in one of two concert hours or lobby performances at the state conference, held in March of each year. All types of musical ensembles are encouraged to apply to perform. Applications shall be due by June 25th, in order to perform the following March.

Description of the Concert Hours
Up to 4 performing groups will be featured at the NDMEA Conference Concert Hours.
Performing groups will be selected from the following - 
Middle School, High School, or University Level:

  1. Concert Band

  2. Concert Choir

  3. Orchestra

  4. Jazz Ensemble, Vocal or Instrumental

  5. Elementary/General Music Ensemble

  6. Adult Community Ensemble

  7. Military Ensemble

*In the event that a professional military/other performing group has a tour that coincides with the conference, a recording would not need to be submitted. These ensembles may be scheduled years in advance to accommodate tour schedules.
* Consideration may be given to University ensembles in regard to scheduling deadlines.

Performing Schedule
Consideration will be given (but is not limited to) for collegiate, military, or adult groups performing at the first evening concert. Performances are to be a maximum of 30 minutes each. The afternoon performance hour ensembles are to perform a maximum of 25 minutes, with the Concert Hour lasting 60 minutes. 

Lobby Performances
Small ensembles of all types are welcome to perform in the lobby areas of the Event Center. These 25-minute sessions will coincide with breaks in the conference clinic schedule, during exhibit hours, or prior to the All-State Concerts. Directors should follow the same application process as the Concert Hour applications.
Examples (but not limited to) - Middle School, High School, University, or Adult:

  1. Chamber ensembles

  2. Vocal ensembles

  3. Jazz Combos

  4. String Ensembles

  5. Guitar/Ukulele Groups

  6. Application Process


The following should be included in the submission:

  1. The director’s NAfME membership number

  2. At least two contrasting works or sections of works. The total amount of music on the submission should be a maximum of 15-20 minutes.

  3. Submitted performances should be taken from an unedited live performance. Live performance shall mean a complete performance of each selected work, whether in the rehearsal room or concert stage, with or without an audience.

  4. Live performances shall also mean that all accompaniments must be live; recorded tracks are permitted for vocal accompaniment only.

  5. Programs for the current year should be included with the listing of the submitted works.

  6. Electronic recording is the preferred medium. Show Choirs or Vocal Jazz Choirs should submit a video only.

  7. Elementary choirs may submit using either audio or video formats.


You will be notified by August 31 if your ensemble has been chosen to perform.

Performance Guidelines
Ensembles should observe given time limits.


An ensemble may perform for the NDMEA conference no more than once every three years.
No school or organization may have a performance group of the same medium (i.e. Choir, Band and Orchestra) appear at consecutive NDMEA Conferences.


In the case of cancellation due to inclement weather, ensembles may be given the opportunity to return to the conference the following year.

Selection Process
The selection committee is chaired by the current past-president of NDMEA, who will then delegate three other members representing differing areas of expertise. These committee members must be qualified current or retired music educators.  The past-president shall form an unbiased, well-rounded committee. The current NDMEA president is to be included in the committee selection process and be able to provide counsel regarding the selection of performing groups. The president-elect shall serve as a non-participating observer on the committee.  This inclusion is to provide the president-elect with an active understanding of procedure upon assuming the duties of president and then chairing of the committee as past-president. The president-elect’s impartial and non-binding feedback may also prove useful in the committee’s activities. 
The committee shall submit their recommended selections to the president of NDMEA and the president-elect of NDMEA for approval. Upon approval of the selections, the committee is discharged from its duties.

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