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NDMEA Mentorship Program

Starting the 2024-2025 school year, we are excited to announce that NDMEA will launch its first Mentorship Program! This is a program designed to pair teachers new to the field of music education with experienced music educators as mentors. Mentorship from another teacher in a similar content area has proven to reduce burnout, give new teachers a support system, and help retain educators to the profession. NDMEA wants to help new music educators thrive!


We need YOU!

Apply to be a mentor today!

Encourage new teachers in the field to apply to be a mentee!

To be a mentor you need:

  • To be a current or retired music educator

  • Have taught at least five years

  • Be a current member of NDMEA

  • Complete a short training as a mentor in early August

  • Have a meeting once a month with your mentee, either in person or virtually, during the school year

  • Fill out the Mentor Application below!

Filling out the Mentor Application will put you in a database of mentors in North Dakota that can be paired with mentees based on content area, geography, and personality compatibility when possible. Depending on the number of mentees that apply, you may not be paired with a mentee this school year. But we will contact you if you would still like to continue to be in our database for future educators. Please read the NDMEA Mentorship Handbook for more details!


To be a mentee you need:

  • To be in your first five years of teaching music

  • Teach in North Dakota

  • Have a meeting once a month with your mentor, either in person or virtually

  • Fill out the attached Mentee Application!

Examples of people eligible to be mentees are newly graduated students, alternative licensure educators, and/or those who have made a career transition to teaching music. The idea behind this mentorship program is not to add more paperwork or time burden to either the mentor or mentee, but to be a resource for advice, support, and growth!


Please read the Mentorship Handbook for more details. You can also email questions to Sarah Harlow at


Apply to be a mentor or a mentee today!

Mentorship Handbook

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