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2023-24 Board of Directors


Sarah Harlow


Antoine Poitras

Past President

Mark Herold

Executive Director

Brittany Schwingler

West Region Band

Jacob Wanner

West Region Choral

Connie Stordalen

West Region General Music

Rachel Frank

West Region Orchestra

Jeremy Overbeck

East Region Band

Katie Stermer

East Region Choral

Annette Hovey

East Region General Music

Amy DeWitt

East Region Orchestra

Richard Gonzales

Collegiate Chair

Kateri Miller


Research Chair

David Rolandson

Journal Editor

Melinda Halverson


Brandon Bondley

All-State Co-Chair

Brian Saylor

All-State Co-Chair

Sara Baumann

Industry Representative

Jeanne Jankowski



To find out more information about how members are elected to the board, please see our Elections page.

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