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NDMEA Election Information

Term Expectations

  • The office of president is a 6-year total commitment. All presidential roles in our organization (President-Elect, President, and Past-President) last two years, consecutively.

  • Representatives have term limits of two years with the option of reelection. 

  • Term limits do not apply to presidential-appointed positions on the NDMEA board.

Election Term Rotation

  • Even-numbered years:

    • West General Music Rep​

    • West Orchestra Rep

    • West Band Rep

    • West Choral Rep

    • President-Elect

  • Odd-numbered years:

    • East General Music Rep​

    • East Orchestra Rep

    • East Band Rep

    • East Choral Rep


  • PRESIDENT: To be eligible for office, candidates must have been a member of the National Association for Music Education for five consecutive years and the North Dakota Music Educators Association for three consecutive years prior to assuming office.

  • REPRESENTATIVES: To be eligible for office, candidates must be members of the National Association for Music Education.

  • Members of the NDMEA Board must keep their membership current.


  • The President shall appoint a nominating committee to select a slate of two or more candidates for the position of President-Elect to be submitted to the President.

  • The same nominating committee will select candidates for positions of regional representatives in the interest of band, orchestra, choir, and elementary (general music) to be submitted to the President.

  • Any active member may submit one’s own name or the name of any other active member to the nominating committee for inclusion on the ballot.


  • All candidates will submit a head shot and short bio which will be published on the NDMEA website November 1st. 

Voting Procedure

  • NDMEA elections shall take place from February 15th - March 15th.  

  • The online ballot portal shall be open on February 15th and close on March 15th at 11:59 PM.  

  • Only ballots of active NDMEA members will be counted.

Assumption of Office

  • Each newly elected official shall assume office on July 1st and shall serve for a two year term. At this time, the President-Elect shall assume the duties of the President.

  • If the office of President becomes vacant, the Past-President shall assume the presidency for the remainder of that term. This newly-elected executive officer shall complete the term on the Board of Directors. The board of directors shall elect from its membership a person to fill the position of Past-President. The acting President will again become Past-President at the conclusion of filling the vacancy. The replacement process shall be completed within thirty days of the vacancy.

Election Process is covered under Article 3 of our NDMEA Constitution.

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